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VisImage Systems Inc.

Tel:>  001-905-946-0000

Fax: 001-905-882-7092

70 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 30
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4B 3B2

Website: www.vis.ca

E-mail: info@vis.ca 

Application Development

VisImage Systems Inc. is dedicated to provide the best solutions to our customers. All our application developments are proven high quality and effective. Our strong engineer team is always behind our solutions and supportive to our customers. Our application developments focus on the following special areas:

1) Vision system integration: our engineers are very experienced in problem analysis, architecture design for hardware and software, imagery sensors, camera calibration, image data compression, color image segmentation, image analysis, and user interface design. We provide turnkey solution , as well as component development.

2) Stereoscopic imagery and display: our proprietary technology on Stereoscopic imagery and display will improve the quality of most of the existing Stereoscopic system, especially in remote inspection (underwater , space and other hassle environments), accident (crime) scene recording and recovery.

3) Applications of business model, GUI design, graphics, database management and TWAIN interface: using MS Visual Studio in Windows environments and C++ X/Motif in IRIX (Unix).